In homes across Orange County and most of America, bigger means better—especially in terms of your kitchen. Every day, homeowners are looking for ways to increase the space of their kitchen, and sometimes it resorts to messy renovations and even tearing down walls. Is it possible to enlarge your kitchen without tearing down any walls?

Yes, with some creativity and smart upgrades! The unfortunate part about enlarging your kitchen is that tearing down walls is time consuming, messy, and can create a laundry list of unexpected problems. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were other ways to enlarge your kitchen that didn’t involve mess and tearing down walls?

The good news is that there are numerous ways to enlarge your kitchen, create an airy atmosphere, and increase countertop space without the need to tear down any walls.

Here’s some of our top tips to enlarge your kitchen all while making it more functional for your lifestyle.

Enlarge Your Kitchen With a Breakfast Bar or Serving Bar Top

If your kitchen is a bit cramped and you don’t have a dining room, you’ll need to get creative in terms of establishing an eating area in the kitchen. One effective way to create a place to eat while expanding the size of your kitchen is by installing a breakfast bar or serving bar top. This will create a great space for your family to enjoy meals, or simply grab a quick breakfast in the morning.

Not only will a breakfast bar or serving top provide a new space to eat meals, it will also give you more counter space to prepare meals or store small appliances. If you’re looking to quickly and easily enlarge your kitchen, consider a breakfast or serving top bar.

Add More Space With a Center Kitchen Island

Depending on the size of your kitchen, consider adding a center kitchen island to increase space. Kitchen islands are one of the best ways to add counter space, and can be exceptionally beautiful if you choose to install granite countertops on your new island.

You can also play with countertop patterns and colors to either compliment or contrast your kitchen’s current colors. The extra counter space provided by your kitchen island can serve as a buffet area for large meals, storage space for appliances, or simply a showcase for your kitchen. Add a flower vase or other decorative items on the countertop when not in use, and your island will make for a stunning addition to your kitchen.

Hang Pots and Pans from the Ceiling

Are large pots and pans taking up too much space in your cabinets? You can free up space with a hanging pot and pan rack. Not only will your kitchen look cleaner with less stuff on the counters, but it will be easier to find what you need when everything is right above you.

When it comes to hanging and storing items on shelves, the possibilities are endless. You can even hang your spices up in a rack above your countertop. Hang your pots and pans above your stove top for easy access. You can purchase magnetic strips for your above your stove for about 20 bucks, or make your own with an adhesive. This is a great place to hang utensils and other small items.

Another option is to place your pots and pans in a pot rack above your kitchen cabinets. The idea is to free up as much counterspace as possible, which instantly makes your kitchen feel larger.

Make Your Kitchen Feel Bigger with a New Paint Color

While you aren’t gaining physical space, the truth is that the wrong paint color can make your kitchen feel small.

The best approach for paint colors in small kitchens is to choose light colors. Dark colors on your walls will instantly make the space feel smaller. Light blues, light greens and pale yellows are best for making your kitchen feel more open.

Consider Enlarging an Existing Window

Adding a window involves cutting into your wall, not tearing it down. However, a new window, or a bigger window, can give an illusion of a bigger space.

This is because a large window allows more natural light into your kitchen. It also provides a clear view of the outdoors, which instantly draws the eye to the window. A new window can make your space feel fresh and large. Best of all, you’ll get all the benefits of natural daylight. You can even open the window to enjoy the breeze!

Change Your Kitchen Layout

You can rearrange your cabinets and appliances to create more open space. This can be a quick and painless process, especially if you have a modular kitchen. There are lots of ways to redesign your kitchen to make it more efficient and easier to use. You can add additional shelving to your cabinets to store seldom-used items.

You can purchase kitchen organizers to put things like cutlery and spices in one easy-to-reach location. Consider mountain the microwave underneath your cabinets to free up space. You can purchase a kitchen island on wheels to give yourself more workspace in the kitchen.

Changing your kitchen layout can make a big difference in terms of finding more space. Best of all, you don’t necessarily need to tear down a wall!

How to Change Your Kitchen Layout

Whether you’re updating your current kitchen layout or building a new one from scratch, these tips can help you make the most of the space. Kitchen layouts can be as unique as the people who use them, but there are some best practices that can increase functionality in any kitchen.

One of the first things to consider when planning your kitchen layout is how people flow through the room. You can optimize the movement by placing frequently used items within arm’s reach. Heavy items like pots and pans can be stored on a wall-mounted rack out of the way. Things like spices and cooking oils can be stored in a pull-out shelf beside the stovetop.

Another consideration is the location of power outlets. Most kitchen appliances require electricity, so it’s best to place them within reach of the sink. These may be best placed against an exterior wall so they don’t block walkways. If you need a new power outlet in your kitchen, consider contacting a professional electrician for help.

Next, decide on the best spot for your sink. A sink beside an exterior wall may leave more space for walkways. You may need assistance from a kitchen remodeler to help you move your plumbing.

You can also consider the best spot for your refrigerator. The best place for a refrigerator is usually a few steps from the sink. But depending on the space, you may have different options for refrigerator placement.

Enlarge Your Kitchen Kitchen with Peak Builders & Roofers

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