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Beautiful sunny Southern California gets very little rain, only around 11 inches of rain per year which is well under the national average of 38 inches per year. Without the worry of flooded basements and ice dams, many SoCal homeowners wonder if they even need rain gutters at all.

So, why do we need rain gutters in Orange County and what are the product options?

To start, we’ll explain the purpose of rain gutters and the problems they can prevent to your home’s exterior.

Rain Gutters’ Purpose

The purpose of a rain gutter is simple: To get the water away from your home. The gutters on your house are there to channel water away from your home’s foundation and away from any doors or windows.

Although rain gutters are vital in managing the flow of water away from your home and protecting your foundation, some homeowners choose to forego this upgrade if there is not much water to manage. However, a dry climate doesn’t make it any less necessary to install rain gutters. Attempting to save a few dollars now can result in costly repairs down the road.

What are the Benefits of Gutters?

Gutters help keep your home, garage, or outdoor living areas looking great. They also protect the foundation of your home from pooling water, prevent soil erosion, and deal with the runoff your roof is not equipped to handle. The gutter system will drain the water away from your foundation, keeping the soil around your home dry.

Even if there is no worry about flooding basements, standing water around the foundation of your home can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, which make summer much less enjoyable in your back yard, or on your deck.

Pooling water will also seep into the soil and eventually cause erosion, rotting, and other problems with your landscaping.

If you want to help keep mosquitos at bay, protect your foundation, and keep your landscaping looking great then you’re going to need rain gutters for your Orange County home. Call Peak Builders and Roofers to schedule a consultation.

Popular Types of Gutters in Orange County

Now that you know why you need rain gutters, let’s talk about the different options available for your home.

Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters

What are seamless aluminum rain gutters? Seamless rain gutters are the most attractive, versatile, and durable type of rain gutter available making them a popular choice for many homeowners.

Seamless rain gutters are without joints as the name implies. They require less maintenance than traditional seamed gutters which are prone to leaks and clogs. They are manufactured from a single sheet of aluminum which is then rolled and welded together into a custom-sized rain gutter.

Although seamless rain gutters can be fabricated out of aluminum or stainless steel, aluminum is more popular because it is lightweight and inexpensive but durable enough to last up to 20 years. If you are a Orange County homeowner on a budget, seamless aluminum rain gutters are an excellent choice.

Copper Rain Gutters

As you explore your options for rain gutters in Orange County, you might come across copper gutters. But what are copper rain gutters? Are they the best option for your home? Here we have all the answers you need, so read on!

Rain gutters need to be installed and maintained for years to come so you want a quality material that can stand up to the test of time. Copper is strong, resists rust and rot, and it’s durable enough to last up to 50 years.

Copper gutters are a very old style of rain gutter that has recently become popular again. If you are a traditionalist, copper gutters might be a great style choice for you. They are often paired with metal roofs for a clean classic look.

Copper gutters can be made out of either a solid or hollow tube. A solid tube will generally be more expensive, but it will also provide a much better surface for water to slide down. A hollow tube will be cheaper, but it won’t be as effective at draining water.

Unfortunately, copper gutters aren’t as easy to work with as aluminum and they can be more expensive, but their low maintenance style and long life span make them a smart investment for your home.

No matter which style of gutter you choose, professional installation is the key to ensuring a good fit. Our experts at Peak Builders and Roofers have years of experience working with all types of gutters.

Special Considerations

Homes with Gable, Hip, or metal roofs require special considerations when shopping for rain gutters. Proper material choice and precise installation are vital for ensuring that your rain gutters work effectively with your non-traditional roof style.

The pitch of your roof is also an important factor when shopping for rain gutters. For example, if your roof pitch is too flat, water may not be able to effectively make it into your rain gutters if they aren’t installed correctly.

Quality, professional installers like Peak Builders and Roofers can evaluate the shape and style of your roof to help you determine the best type of gutters for your home.

What Color Do I Choose?

Color options for your rain gutters depend on the material that you’re using but in most cases, the color will match your existing exterior colors. The most popular gutter color is white, but there are several colors available to complement your home.

How do You Maintain Your Gutters?

The most important thing you can do to keep your gutters in good shape is to clean them regularly. Over time, leaves, dirt, twigs, and other debris will collect in your gutters, which can cause problems like water damage or mold. You should clean your gutters at least once or twice a year, possibly more if you have a lot of overhanging trees.

Gutter guards are mesh covers that can be installed over your rain gutter to prevent leaves or other debris from accumulating which makes them much easier to clean. This is a great way to cut down on the amount of maintenance your gutters will require, especially if you have low eaves or a lot of trees around your home.

We are providing some tips for cleaning your gutters here on this blog. Remember that safety is always the top priority when it comes to cleaning your gutters!

How to Clean Out Your Gutters

While it may seem like a simple job, there are a few things to consider before you get started.

  1. Know how long your gutter has been neglected and determine if it is a DIY project. If you haven’t cleaned your gutters in over a year, there is a good chance that you will find some rather nasty things in your gutters.
  2. Get the proper tools in hand. You’ll need to wear some non-slip boots, long sleeves, and gloves. This is to protect your skin so you don’t get poked by sticks and other debris in the gutter.
  3. Find a sturdy ladder to use. It also is wise to have a friend hold the ladder steady while you clean out the gutter system. If you are not confident about climbing the ladder, you may want to hire professionals to do it for you.
  4. If your gutters are overflowing the debris, you’ll need to scoop it out with your hand before flushing it with a hose.
  5. For less problematic areas, take your garden hose and allow the water to flow through the system. This will flush out any loose debris.
  6. Use your long-nose pliers to remove any tree limbs that may get stuck in the gutter.
  7. For clogs, use a small rake or wire to pull out the debris.
  8. If you find any wires stuck in the gutter, turn off the power and call an electrician to have the wires removed.
  9. Quick routine cleaning and installing gutter guards can help prevent future build-up.

Pro Tip: Make Sure the Gutters are Secure

While you are cleaning your gutters, check for loose areas that could come detached during a storm or under the weight of heavy debris. Secure any problem areas to prevent costly damage to your home.

Get Rain Gutters in Orange County

If you want to enhance your home’s look and protect your foundation and landscaping, contact Peak Builders and Roofers in Orange County, California. We provide quality aluminum and copper rain gutters to prevent flooded walkways and more. Please contact us today for a free estimate.

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