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"Judah and his crew at Peak Builders recently completed our master bathroom renovation, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome! The entire team was very efficient and friendly, and they really knew what they were doing. The bathroom turned out to be beautiful and original, and we got many compliments from our family members and friends who visited us after the renovation was completed. Overall, we are super happy with this contractor, so if you need a renovation done--look no further than Peak Builders!"

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Home Improvement Services


With a deep commitment to quality craftsmanship, at Peak Builders we will turn your kitchen dreams into reality. As Orange County's leading kitchen remodeling company, we offer cost-effective solutions for every budget and guarantee outstanding results.
Home Improvement Services


When it comes to important home remodeling projects, as it is a new addition, it is essential to choose an experienced home remodeling contractor to get it right. If you are looking forward to upgrading your home, you can count on the remodeling specialists at Peak Builders & Roofers of Orange County to achieve great results.
Home Improvement Services


Whether you want a new bathtub, glass shower, new tiles, or an energy-efficient toilet, our experts at Peak Builders are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and ready to handle any kind of bathroom remodeling project.
Home Improvement Services


When looking for stunning colors and quality craftsmanship for your residential and commercial painting projects, at Peak Builders we use high-quality products to guarantee durability and the best customer service. At Peak Builders & Roofers of Orange County, we offer affordable painting services to everyone in Orange County en surrounding areas.

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If you are searching for dependable home improvement contractors in Orange County, you
can count on Peak Builders Orange County to help with your home improvement

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For almost fifteen years, at Peak Builders Orange County, we have transformed thousands of homeowners’ dreams into a built reality. We have successfully turned outdated, crumbling houses into the perfect extreme home makeover project, providing beautiful homes to families so they can build their dreams in. Our experienced designer and remodel team will do the same for you. From start to finish, our team of contractors will assist you every step of the way to achieve great results with a stress-free process.

Whether you are looking for:

  • A Complete Home Remodel
  • Kitchen Remodel
  • Kitchen Installation
  • Countertop Installation
  • Bathroom Remodel
  • Flooring Installation
  • Windows Installation
  • Painting
  • And More!

Peak Builders Orange County is your last stop. With 5-star customer reviews, we are  dedicated to providing the best home improvement services at affordable prices and excellent customer service. Turning houses into homes is our passion. We are the home remodeling contractor you can trust so call us and find out how we can help you have your dream home.



At Peak Builders, we bring the showroom to you! We offer a free, in-home estimate to get samples, design ideas, credentials, references, pictures, and more. You will get a full picture of your project when our visit is done, including an estimate. We are a full-service kitchen remodeling company offering everything you require to complete the job. From your cabinets to floors, paint, plumbing, countertops, to the backsplash, we truly are Orange County's one-stop shop for kitchen remodeling.

Over the years, we've completed over 200 kitchen remodeling projects and made many customers happy to be cooking in a well-laid-out and personally designed space. For years, our contractors and design team have had the chance to work on beautiful projects. Peak Builders of Orange County will bring that same expertise to you and your project. We take care of everything so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

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From tub-to-shower conversions to safe accessibility options for those with limited mobility, we offer endless possibilities for your bathroom remodeling project. Our bath installation solutions are customized to make your vision a dream come true. And with our 3D Design Studio tool, you can envision your new bathroom before you build it. 

All bathtubs and showers will be custom-fitted to your existing bathroom and come in various designs, patterns, and colors to suit your home's style. Our bathtubs, liners, showers, and wall surrounds are guaranteed to last. The durable construction of our bathroom remodeling systems is designed to withstand cracking, chipping, and fading. We will remodel your new bathroom in a way that is also resistant to mold and mildew growth, keeping your bathroom clean and healthy for years to come.

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The housing market in Orange County is changing rapidly, and the need for a larger home is becoming more popular than ever. Home additions are one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the overall area of your home. At Peak Builders Orange County, we are committed to assisting you in making the best decision possible on your next home remodeling project. Home additions are a huge step in a homeowner's life, with that in mind, it is crucial for you to choose the right home remodeling contractor. and who's there to do a better job as well as our team of home remodeling specialists at Peak Builders Orange County?

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Do you need an extra room? More square footage is something that most homeowners dream of. If that is your case, then you need a room addition. For every kind of home remodeling project, careful planning and design are essential in ensuring that the project will go exactly as it should, within the time frame and budget established. At Peak Builders, we offer the best solutions for room addition projects. Also, In Orange County's ever-growing real estate market, extra rooms can drastically escalate the overall value of your property. So give us a call today and let's start planning!

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An ADU can serve as an additional apartment within your home’s property. Whether attached or detached from your home. You can use an ADU as a guesthouse or a rental property for additional income. Therefore, it is critical to work with the best remodeling company to execute your ADU properly. Our team of expert remodelers at Peak Builders Orange County will walk you through every step in the process to come up with the perfect design for your upcoming ADU project.

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Second-floor room additions typically require a new set of stairs to provide better access to this level of your home. It is crucial to hire experienced home remodelers that will assist you with reinforcing the foundations of your home, building a proper flooring system, and structuring a new roofline as necessary. Since your home wasn't always designed to carry the load of a second floor, make sure to contact one of our home remodeling experts further to discuss your home addition project possibilities. We service all around Orange County, CA.

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If you are searching for a quality and affordable painter in Orange County, look no further! Our group of experienced painters offers services all over the county from Chula Vista up to Camp Pendleton and from the coastline all the way east to Ramona, CA. Whether you are looking for painters to freshen up your kitchen or a long-lasting exterior coating to stand up to the warm and cold weather, Peak Builders Orange County has got you covered. We use high-quality paint to achieve stunning colors and high quality in every residential and commercial painting project.

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One easy step you can take to increase your property value is a fresh coat of paint on your home's exterior. Painting the exterior of your home also dramatically improves the curb appeal of your house. Not only will new exterior paint protect your house from harsh weather, but it will also make your home feel like a more attractive place to live in or to purchase. If you aren't sure whether your house is due for a new painting job or have general questions about painting your home, call us today, and one of our professional painting experts will be happy to offer advice to assist you.

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"I'm so excited because my remodeling project is finally complete! I couldn't have done it without Peak Builders. They were great to work with because they were very organized and responsive throughout the process of building an ADU on my property. They drew up plans, which were clear and easy to understand, and they kept me posted on their progress at each step of the way. They also did everything they said they would do and followed through on every detail of the construction project. I would definitely recommend Peak Builders to anyone looking to build an ADU on their property in Orange County."

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